Current fuel reserves are diminishing. In addition, this type of fuel prices also tend to increase from day to day. Therefore we need alternative fuels other than gasoline and hydrogen are considered an answer.

With increasingly advanced technology, hydrogen can be an alternative fuel. Natural gas is also now can be turned into like a liquid to be stored in a cheap and practical.

Cella Energy from Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in England even claims to have discovered a material that can absorb hydrogen. Sponge-like material made ​​of nano fibers Cella Energy claimed to be able to absorb hydrogen gas used to absorb liquid like a sponge.

Cella created nano fibers Energy-shaped form of beads that are thinner than human hair. These objects are in charge capture and release hydrogen.

With this technology, hydrogen is possible stored more easily, quickly and at a lower temperature than previously. Cella Energy said that with this technology, users will be able to convert your vehicle their conventional cars to use carbon-free fuel with some modifications.

"What we have to do is take the ingredients and wrap them in plastic and make them into very fine powder and that improve their properties. This also means you can pump as liquid hydrogen and is safe, non-flammable," said Cella Energy's Chief Scientific Officer, Stephen Bennington as detikOto quoted by the Daily Mail, Tuesday (05/04/2011).

Hydrogen itself is long considered as a future fuel. Because fuel is generally different from that produced emissions of carbon, hydrogen produces only water when burned and is considered the ideal solution for reducing carbon emissions than gasoline or diesel vehicles are estimated to cause 25 percent of all global carbon production.

source : detik.com

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