Hyundai Veloster VS VW Golf GTI. Hyundai will present a 1600 cc engine Veloster T-GDI (gasoline turbocharged direct injection) with a frightening power that is 208 HP 70 or up 70 hp from the version that was launched in South Korea some time ago.

Hyundai Volester present version in South Korea Gamma GDI engine equipped with a capacity of 1600 cc 4-cylinder Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI), which produces power 140 ps (103 kW, 138 hp) at 6300 rpm with a torque of 17 kgm at 4250 rpm.

The plan Veloster 1.600cc T-GDI will debut at New York Auto Show next 19 April as reported by autoevolution on Monday (4/11/2011).

Hyundai claims the car is going to meet directly with the VW Golf GTI hatchback car power Veloster although smaller by 16 Nm of VW Golf GTI version.

In internal testing, Veloster 1600 cc engine T-GDI can run from point 0 till 100 km / h with a time of 7 seconds. Not yet clear how its fuel consumption.

But in an internal test version of the Hyundai with 1.600cd GDI engine can reach a distance of 15.3 kilometers with 1 liter of gasoline. As for the manual version can reach 1:16,3.

1.600cc T-GDI engines are planned into the kitchen production in mid 2012 and will eventually begin to be marketed in 2013.

source : detik.com

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