Failed airbag expands, Thousands of Toyota Start probes. Institute for highway safety (NHTSA) United States reportedly has made ​​an announcement will investigate the Toyota Corolla model 2008.

The investigation was conducted because of reports of vehicle owners who claim airbags (air bag) the car was not perfect inflate when there are accidents.

As reported by autoevolution, Sunday (04/17/2011), Corolla air bag, produced mid-2008 can not expand when a driver hit perfect seeokor Deer at a speed of 55 mph.

When she and her partner to drive at night when they hit a deer that suddenly there in front of their car while they were driving at 55 mph on the highway four lanes from Gettysburg to Harrisburg, in accordance with their letter, which was posted on the site NHTSA's. Fortunately, none of them were injured in the accident.

In an official statement made ​​this week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said the withdrawal may affect as many as 170,000 vehicles. Corolla itself is a model of the second global car after Toyota's best-selling Camry, in recent years.

source : okezone.com
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