Bulletproof Car Cheapest Spec, Review And Price. Formerly Tata Motors make a bullet proof car worth Rp 1.1 billion and is claimed to be a bulletproof car cheapest, Volkswagen has just introduced a Volkswagen Bora worth only $ 70,000 or USD 606.5 million. Al results are now Bulletproof cheapest car predicate was moved from India to the German manufacturer.

Basically Volkswagen Bora as detikOto followed [the official site VW Mexico, on Tuesday (04/19/2011) is another manifestation of the Jetta that has been given various attributes protector from Protect Bora.

This car is equipped with run-flat tires that allow the car to keep moving despite a flat tire or broken. As for the body and the glass, Volkswagen Bora Protect and claims that anti-bullet protection they provide would be very maximum.

"In addition, passengers are protected by special ballistic steel body, complete with a floor of glass fiber and Kevlar aramid ballistic polycarbonate protection that prevents entry of debris into the cabin," wrote the official website at Volkswagen in Mexico.

While in the kitchen pacunya, Volkswagen Bora comes with 200 hp power born of the marriage FSI 2.0L turbocharged engine with 6-speed DSG transmission.

source : detik.com

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