In the hands of ten mahaiswa November Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya, diesel engine diesel car transformed into an efficient and economical.

Although still a prototype, but the car is proving that with 1 liter of diesel fuel have traveled along the 300 kilometers.

Cars that use machines with capacity of 210 cc has dimensions cm 260 x 112 cm x 125 cm. In addition, a very light load for class diesel-fueled cars. Just imagine, a car with a chassis made ​​of aluminum this Custum with Body made ​​of Fibberglas only weighs 90 pounds.

While the Transmission System that is used in the form of Sprocket and Chain system equipped with Stering Ackermann Steering System. Although only a prototype car air brush 2 is equipped with a system that menggunakkan Disk Brake Hydraulic Brake System and rim actuated sebasar 17 Inches.

Unfortunately, despite including an efficient cars and fuel efficient namuan no plans to produce in bulk or in actual size. Chairman of the Mechanical Engineering Department of ITS, Prof. Saso Herman admitted making this car only for the race at the Shell Eco-Marathon (SEM) Asin the next 6 to 9 July 2011 at the Sepang Circuit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

"We are dreaming for a car by students of ITS can be used as reference for the national car industry. but it's still far from reality," he said Thursday (31/03/2011).

With the presence, the wind is brooms car, Herman said, showed the same class although students can make a car. Therefore, he expects the government to pay more attention to the local automotive industry to compete with foreign auto industry.

source : okezone.com

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