Volvo is the most complete car manufacturers perform various tests on vehicles they make, especially the security aspect. Well, regarding the company's intention to produce electric cars, namely C30 Electric, various tests were performed.

One of the interesting tests and greatly affect the performance of the battery is cold temperature. For that Volvo electric car test at minus 20 degrees Celsius. Apparently, according to the company, which made electric cars can operate smoothly.

Explained, test the temperature below zero is because Volvo apply the same test criteria with conventional cars it makes. Especially for electric cars, some new test method was developed so that the part being tested to reach 200 items.

"We must ensure, C30 Electricity still work well when run, parking and charge the battery on a variety of conditions, from normal to very cold temperatures and hot. Northern Sweden is the most fitting place to conduct the tests under zero degrees, "said Lennar Stegland, Special Director of Volvo Cars.

Volvo C30 tested with three temperature control system. First use the heating and cooling for the passenger. Secondly, the use of cooling and heating for the battery (if needed). Furthermore, electric motors and "power electronics" or electronic control cooled using water.

Heating Bio-Ethanol
In this test, Volvo said, managed to create innovative solutions, which makes heating without sacrificing battery performance (mileage). For this, Volvo uses bio-ethanol heater mounted on the car. Tanks used to carry 14.5 liter bio-ethanol.

Heating can also be memanfaakan electricity from the battery. In electric mode, use a warm heating cooling dip in cold temperatures. "Motorists can Programming and control the temperature control unit in accordance with the conditions of his journey. Heating ethanol is the basic mode. In this way mileage vehicles with batteries increasingly distant. For short distances, can operate the electric thermostat system that obtain energy from the battery, "explains Lennart Stegland.

source : kompas.com

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