Tachimori currently serves as Vice President of parent company Fuji Heavy Industries. It is also the Chief General Manager, which administers the products and portfolio planning Subaru, quoted Okezone from Autonews.com, Thursday (24/03/2011).

Under the leadership Tachimori, Subaru has managed to produce the latest generation Subaru sedan that became typical and has deepened the ins and outs of the Subaru crossover.

Based on his track record is good, then regarded as very competent Tachimori replace Hasunuma who shall serve as Vice President of the Executive Subaru Subaru of North America and Japan.

Under the leadership Hasunuma, Subaru has achieved its highest sales record in 2010 yesterday as many as 263,820 units of cars, increased 22 percent from a year earlier.

In January and February this year, Subaru sales have also increased 20 percent compared to sales of Subaru 2010 in the same two months.

Total sales to grow by 23 percent. And it is the duty Tachimori to improve achievement for Subaru.

source : okezone.com

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