All the support and love green technology. So many models and concepts that were created using green technology to save fuel and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

All that reason shade to one big goal: preserving the Earth's environment. Therefore, many studies are being conducted to find the latest innovations in the name of eco-friendly. A group of Brazilian penstudi, had just discovered a new innovation on the engine power.

Who could have thought before, that the enjoyment of fruits like banana and pineapple fiber is as strong as Kevlar fiber. Alcides Leao, leader of eco-friendly machine studies from Brazil, knows how to make fibers from banana and pineapple to be as strong as Kevlar.

How do I? Leao explains that the nano-cellulose fibers contained in the banana is used to provide structural strength of bone is stronger than plastic, but still mild.

In fact there are benefits to be gained from using this banana fibers instead of plastic commonly used, namely: greater resistance to damage from heat, gasoline, water and oxygen. In addition, the latter is lighter and of course, environmentally friendly.

So whether it is, nano-cellulose fiber? These are the same fibers in a paper that has been processed into nano. In fact, supernano.

"So far, my team was focused to replace plastic materials in automotive," said Leao.

"And even maybe in the future we'll replace all the materials such as steel and aluminum material as part of the plant-based automotive nanocellulose materials," he added.

However, he did not explain more detail about how many bananas you need to create a dashboard for example.

source : okezone.com

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