Yesterday (18 / 3), Italy commemorate the 150th anniversary. Ferrari is proud to be Italian brand, helped enliven by doing something special. Prancing Horse's headquarters featuring three products in front of the flag country mejeng pizza labeled with the number 150, in accordance with the color green and white and red.

The three vehicles, namely Ferrari FF berkeli green, white and vice Ferrari 458 F1 race car red. Then, the Italian flag is a sign that read 150 degrees above zero will be installed in 40 outletsaround the the world Ferrari .

"Both men and women feel proud to work together Ferrari, whether it's on track racing and the car market," said Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo, in his speech. He added, we dedicate this day to the historic Italian F1 racing car. "In this way, all will be motivated as we are in running their daily work."

In 2011, Ferrari has made revolutionary with Ferrari FF y7ang newest product is the first product with four-wheel motion with four passengers. FF appears as a new Grand Touring offers many advantages.

Back matter Ferrari F-150 wearing code on F1 racing cars had got a little problem. One American automakers, Ford demanded that the Ferrari was not afraid to use it later Ford gets confused consumers. Finally, the letter F is replaced with a Ferrari and at the end of zero at 150 plus "zero" small as a symbol of the year.

source : kompas.com

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