Display All New Ford Ranger does look very masculine with a sporty body design and fierce. But not many people know who the figures behind the design of all-new Ranger.

And the central figure was no other, the creator Craig Metros design Ford cars. Metros is a man born in Detroit, Michigan, United States and has designed passenger cars and commercial for the Ford Motor Company for 24 years.

Prior to joining the Ranger design team in Australia, he served as Design Chief for the Ford F-150 in North America.

"At the age of 10 years, I made the sketch as well as my toy cars
own, which I give a black color and decoration flames on the side, "said Metros in Bangkok Thailand some time ago.

Metros explained, his talent and his interest to automotive,
DNA derived from his father who was also the designer and automotive technicians.

"I was always surrounded by cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and snowmobile,"
Metros said.

Have an important position as a Design Chief for the New Ranger,
Metros are involved at every stage of the development of new pickup design, which guides the interior and exterior appearance, ranging from concept through to the hands of customers.

"We have created a series of interesting products that offer more variety to the emerging global marketplace, while ensuring that we remain faithful to the essence of Ford trucks," he explained.

Metros who have settled in various countries is explained, he
have hope to encourage brand midsize Ford pickup truck entered the world in the future.

"I am very sure that this Ranger will change the situation and with the proportion of
modern, dynamic exterior style and interior are beautiful and harmonious,
  together with the experience and legacy of Ford, we have a product
mainstay, "he added.

source : detik.com

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