An electronic warning boards on the highway area of ​​South Carolina suddenly on Monday (21/03/2011) display the words "Watch out, there are zombies and tanks". Dramatic is that this region?

Of course not. This is only the ignorant act of a hacker (hacker) in the area. The hackers were successful and chuckled confuse the motorists who drove to and from the South Carolina-North Carolina in the area called Fort Miles. These boards are usually only written directions to take the driver if this road was no improvement.

"This warning board seems destroyed around 04.00 am Sunday. But we were not sure whether the board was damaged by controlled from a distance or destruction done on the spot," said Bill Elder, highway patrol officers.

Board which was originally made ​​by the company are in fact really easy ADDCO touched because of lack of security systems. There is only a small lock. In fact, officers are usually careless and leave it locked. As a result, hackers can simply use the available keyboard and write down everything that appears on the board and read the warning. In fact, if maintained with keywords, keywords that umummnya same, namely "DOTS".

Fortunately, the hackers were just saying things that make no sense, so just be "entertainment" in times of loss. Funnily enough, a site to make sure the contents of the warning board. "Do not be fooled, yes, there are no zombies and tanks." Lah, everyone is well understood.

source : kompas.com
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